What I Do


When I was young, I started taking photos of my friends and on the road with a cheap analog camera. It was more of a snap than taking real stylistic photos, but I always had fun with it. When the digital age came to photography, I was one of the first and bought my first digital camera. After some years I decided to switch to a system camera, the Sony Alpha 6500. With it, I could use different lenses without having to take a fat DSLR camera with me. Recently, I also bought a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, so that I can take stunning photos from the air. This perfectly complements my range of photo equipment.

So, photography is an essential part of any industry. Photography helps us both in advertising and modeling and level design. Any project begins with the collection of photo materials. In addition, photography allows our clients to capture their brightest and most unforgettable moments of life in history.

  • Wedding photography
  • Commercial photos
  • Nature and traveling
  • Advertising and promotion


With a picture, only a short moment is captured. To catch real emotions correctly can be a challenge with still images. That's why I personally prefer videos to pictures. With a video, you can make much more statements from my point of view because you can capture the emotions and the environment over a longer period of time.

It all started with a Sony DCR-TRV33 MiniDV camcorder. I started to make videos with my wedding back in 2003. The recordings were stored on magnetic tapes, the resolution was poor and the conversion to the PC complicated. When the first HD camcorders hit the market, I immediately upgraded to a Panasonic HDC-SD707EG full HD camcorder. The quality of the videos was much better and it also had optical image stabilizers built in.

With the purchase of the Sony A6500 in 2017, I moved up into the 4k era. The quality of the movies has been drastically improved once again. I produce a film for each year with all the captured moments. Here I can let my creativity run free and I also like to cut and mix images, music and transitions together on the PC.


I was always fascinated by the beauties and secrets of the universe. Colored nebula or even galaxies were something like science fiction for me - I love those kind of movies. Taking pictures from our Milky Way with my Sony Alpha 6500 and producing timelapses was very funny the last years.

In spring of 2019 I began to interest myself in astrophotography and researched the internet how people can make such great photos. I started this incredibly exciting hobby with no knowledge and bought a telescope, german equatorial mount and astro modified DSLR camera. After the first promising astronomical images it was clear to me that this will be more than just a hobby.

Some astro friends took me into their group and introduced me further to astrophotography techniques. With them I go in cloudless new moon nights to the mountains of Austria to find dark places without light pollution. In the meantime, more and more cameras, lenses, telescopes, mounts and accessories were added. I find the products of Skywatcher, Canon and ZWO ASI from the price/performance ratio the best.


Already as a teenager it was clear to me that Austria is only a small spot on this earth and I want to explore our planet more deeply. Therefore, I always saved my money diligently and could travel with my friends to some beautiful places.

I was also very lucky to be able to work with international customers in my job. So I was able to travel to different countries in Europe, America and Asia on some business trips. Here I would like to thank my family, who gave me the freedom for these trips.

In addition, we were also able to spend some family vacations in Europe and America. My wife and I always wanted to show our children that you should be open-minded and that it is important to discover different countries and cultures.


I always wanted to publish my 3D models, pictures and movies on the internet at an early stage, so I started programming websites when as a young boy during my studies at the HTL. As a result, some companies became aware of me and so I registered the company 'GEB-ART Productions' for graphic design and software development.

In the last years, the Internet has become an integral part of our life. Therefore, any business needs its representation on the Internet. I have gain impressive experience in the development of websites of any kind in the last years and can work with websites of any complexity, beginning from simple HTML sites to various CMS and E-Commerce.

  • One page HTML
  • Multi-page HTML
  • CMS & WordPress
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom Web Projects

Since 2007 I have put the business on hold so that I have more time for my family and hobbies. Privately, of course, I continue with the development of websites and web technologies to stay up to date with the technology.


I started modelling in 3D when I was a young kid trying to virtualize every thing in my room. Some time later, a colleague saw my 3D models and wanted a virtual tour of his house in 3D. Shortly after, more and more people and companies came and wanted to visualize 3D models. So modelling in 3D became part of my business.

Any product starts with an idea. Thanks to our specialists in the field of 3D modeling, I am ready to implement your idea into a 3D model for further use in advertising or other visualizations. It can help further refine the product and evaluate various metrics. You can even touch it thanks to 3D printing technology.

  • Basic 3D-Model
  • Render-ready 3D-Model with extended materials
  • Concept model for AR/VR
  • 3D Printed Model


Since 1997 I have been working as a consultant in the IT industry, customizing existing software products for customers. Thereby I was able to acquire profound knowledge as well as various certificates for requirement engineering and project management.

After 10 years as a consultant I moved to the software development department where I was responsible as Director Software Development for the development of all desktop and web applications. The product portfolio consists of a Content Management System, a web-based distribution and publishing system as well as browser-based end-user applications for Windows and iOS.

I was also part of various international committees (ASD S1000D, S2000M, etc.) where I worked on the further development of those standards in the civil as well as military aviation, maritime and aerospace industry.

Render-ready 3D-Model
per hour
What is included:
  • Detailed concept description
  • High- or Low-Polgon Model
  • Ultra Realistic materials
  • Ready for render in movie-quality
  • Result in chosen digital format
Photo- & Videographie
per hour
What is included:
  • Off-site activities
  • Free consultation
  • Editable mockup
  • Up to 50 processed photos
  • Included process materials

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